Tina & Ryan Admire Scan Of Their Baby

“We’re over the moon, but now we’ve got so much to organise that things are a bit of a blur. My family and friends have been really lovely and I think Ryan will make a great dad.”

Source : NOW

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  1. Dea

    uhmm..who are they again?

  2. Lisa

    @ Dea – They’re from a popular UK show ‘Coronation Street’ http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/index.php?s=tina+o%27brien

  3. DropThePilot

    A very happy-looking family!

  4. Laur.

    aww i love them.
    they split up for a bit when she left the show and they also played husband and wife on screen even though they aren’t married in real life.
    i hope the call it Bethany Britney !!


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