Why So Sad Jessica ?

Why So Sad Jessica ?

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  • lisa

    When your a celberty you will always be in the spotlight.It comes with the territory and thats how it will always be when your rich and famous.

  • Moore

    Nowadays you don’t have any privacy at all. Way back when cameras weren’t stuffed in a celebrity’s face every minute of the day. She’s pregnant, paps, leave her alone.

  • Tiffany

    yeah, she really looks like the pregnancy is kickin her but right now……… I couldn’t imagine being pregnant and tired and having cameras in my face every time I stepped out. I’d personally have to punch somebody LOL!

  • nicole

    ita C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y

  • Dea

    I will be more surprised if she is smiley all the time. Ms.Grouchy is her nickname and yes, it comes with the territory as a celeb. Price for being famous is having no privacy in public so get over it.

  • gia

    she has had the absolutely worse casual pregnancy fashion sense ever!
    unfortunately being a celeb does mean a trade off with your privacy…for all the money they make i would say its a fair trade though…it must reach a point where its part of your daily life & you just learn to deal with it. there are parts of everyone’s professional & personal life that arent pleasant & perfect.

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