Heidi & Jamie-Lynn Wear Crystal Rock

Jamie-Lynn and Heidi wear Crystal Rock tshirt, a new, limited edition of Christian Audigier’s tshirts. Christian Audigier is the man behind Ed Hardy, Smet, and many more. While Jamie-Lynn is wearing the “Flamenco Dancer” version, Heidi went for the “Rasta” model.

So I guess this could be one of the presents Britney got her sister for her 17th birthday ?

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  1. Lisa

    Good find there PtitePom! Holy Cr@p that’s one expensive tee!

  2. Carrie

    Yeah, for $143 it better do something other than just sit there.

  3. PtitePom

    Yeah…. And I remember saying that JL was keeping it “casual”…. Yeah, right.


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