Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant! – Update

Update: PEOPLE claims to have a source who says Simpson is pregnant, and is planning a May wedding in La Jolla, CA. Ashlee danced around the rumors today during an interview with MTV saying, “Some things you want to keep personal.”

Update: MTV news reports Pete Wentz is denying the pregnancy rumors calling them a “witch hunt”

Us Weekly and OK! magazine are reporting that Ashlee Simpson, 23, and fiancé Pete Wentz, 28, are expecting a baby together – due in October.

They’ve been together 18 months, but a friend close to the couple had this to say,

[they are]“perfect for each other as any two people could be. They don’t spend a minute apart if they can possibly avoid it and are over the moon about the baby.” How about those wedding plans? “They’re planning on something in the Santa Barbara area probably by the end of May,” the friend reveals to OK!. “Ashlee would like to walk down the aisle before she’s showing – although she’s very cute the way she’s always checking out her belly now and asking everyone, ‘am I showing yet?’”

Still no “official” word from Ashlee’s rep – we’ll keep you posted.

Source: / OK!

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  • PtitePom

    I don’t like any of them, but if it’s true, good for them!

  • poppy

    I have to say. I’m not thrilled about all these young stars getting pregnant. And yes, I think 23 is quite young. Especially if you’ve grown up in a culture where women normally have babies in their 30s and adolescence is extended well into the 20s.

  • PtitePom

    @ poppy: I agree. I’m 23 and I’m so not ready for a baby yet. I feel like my life has just started and I want to enjoy it, enjoy my couple before being settled down enough to enjoy my baby. Even if 23 is better than 16, I’d rather wait a bit to get pregnant.
    But I’m not blaming her, I’m sure they want that baby and they’ve thought a lot about it. I think everyone is different, and it’s all about being ready/mature (and having financial security). Some people want a baby at 20, other at 30. There are so many factors that have to be taken into account, it really all depends on the person in the end.

  • Carrie

    I had my first child at 21 and my second at 29. While I of course love both of them, I would have liked to have been just a bit older for my first. Although my oldest is in college now, I know she is nowhere ready to be a mom, right now she’s just too immature for that huge responsibility.

  • Lily

    I disagree with you. I think age is entirely irrelevant, the exception being physical health. It is widely known that waiting to have children past 35 increases the chances of birth defects by a great deal. So, in at least one way, young mother’s have older mothers beat. People in this country are able to reach life milestones at any rate they wish, and I find it ridiculous that society encourages extended adolescence. The fact of the matter is that people of any age can be great or terrible parents. Let’s accept that fact, and do a little less judging.

  • ivy

    i think 23 is too young for most parents, but for some it isnt. it all depends on your maturity level and how responsible you are. a lot kids are raised these days to be dependent on their parents until their 30’s… of course they can’t handle having a baby. but if the parents don’t baby them and treat them like a child they’ll be more able to handle that responsibility.

  • Anon27

    Is the for real? or Is it part of Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Fiction?

  • Dea

    I dont believe this story at all especially when this “baby news” coincides with her new album coming up..pffft, I smell Papa Joe as the “source”. Please, even if it was a true friend, would he/she blab it out to the media?

  • Lora in Kentucky


  • anamarie

    I must say that I think its ridiculous that you can say age really matters. I had my son when I was 19 years old and I was still in high school. I was pregnant from July of 06 to April of 07 and my entire senior year I held a steady 4.0 GPA. When I had my son I took three weeks off of maternity leave so I wouldnt miss much school unlike the other three students who took three months off. I finished the year with straight A’s and was even recognized for my hard work. I recieved the principal’s award which is an award given to students who demonstrate dedication to the their high school careers and I had a son on my hip and a husband holding my hand the entire way. I married my husband when I was five months along.

    I seriously dont think its fair you judge young parents when you dont know any of them. Yes, you may have children who you are led to think may not be ready for children but I think if they were given the responsibility they would either take it with grace and would go through with the opportunity to mature or throw away a priceless human being. Since I think you’ve judged me I think I would judge the person who would throw the priceless human away. I think it would show weakness and immaturity not to deal with the responsibility given.

    It really depends on the person. Sure, I think some girls should think more through with becoming pregnant but what about the young ones that are ready for that responsibility to earn the title of mommy? Are they just thrown in with the rest of the unresponsible/immature teenagers that become parents yearly? I dont think thats fair for you to judge. You dont know me and you sure as hell dont know what I’ve been through so I dont see how you get off on judging me or anyone else.

  • BB

    Well OF COURSE they’re young & are getting pregnant.

    They have the money

  • lilkunta

    @#5: Lily, PLEASE tell me your kidding. If age is irrelevant, then as soon as girls start bleeding-as young as 11– they should have kids. No way! 11 is still a kid herself. I think the youngest a girl & a boy should have a kid is 19. Hopefully @ 19 they have held down a job & had at least 1 yr of college/univ or trade school.

  • lilkunta

    @#10 anamarie: Congrats on not becoming a bad statistic even tho u were already a statistic(teenage mom).Your senior year, were your classes reg classes that you earned a 4.0 in? Or did your school put you on a trade school track or something easy since you were pregnant?

    U married @ 5mo along…were u ready 4 marriage or pressured?

    Tho u made the best of your situation, IMO teenage pregnancy is a bad idea no matter what and in every situation.

    The ony time I see it as a good thing is if –& this is very extreme– the girl is having the babyn2 get bone marrow to save a sibling or parents life.

  • anonymous

    I have a friend who got pregnant at 16 and had the baby at 17. But even though she is only in 10th grade she is a great mom. And really loves her baby and she is very mature for her age so, I think that it does not matter when you get pregnant or have a baby as long as you are responsible don’t get abortion and love your baby your fine. Although some people are not ready for children at 16-40 some people aren’t ready for children yet but if they are ready at a young age and are responsible enough for that baby then good for them but don’t judge someone’s mothering abilities just by their age. And maybe just maybe they are responsible but act immature does that mean they will be a bad mom NO! It does not so as long as your ready, Age doesn’t matter!

  • Bee

    Well I am 24 and I have both my children, and Im actually glad Ive had them this young because I have the energy to care for them. I personally think Im doing a good job parenting them.

  • alwayscynical

    Anamarie that’s admirable that you completed high school with high marks but that’s the exception rather than the rule right? Not to sound judgemental but did you make it to university?

    Stereotypically, it’s the undereducated from poor homes who have babies too young. In more affluent society, a high school diploma is not the final goal of an education but at least a college degree.

    The US is the only western country where population growth is growing rather than declining mainly due to uneducated immigrants who come and have large families. Among most educated families you will rarely find teens having kids.. Unless they are ignorant celebrities who never finished high school and think having a baby at 16 is a status symbol…

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