Pamela & Sons In Malibu

Source : World Celebs

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  1. Lora in Kentucky

    Could her shorts be any shorter?

  2. ivy

    its a cute outfit…..if you’re going to bed.

  3. Erin

    What style? And can you imagine her son’s embarrassment??? Zoiks!

  4. Jailynn

    Did she “forget” to put her pants on?????

  5. Lisa

    It looks like she’s wearing a diaper

  6. Cee

    Is she wearing her underware to a little league game? I bet those little pimple faced pre-teens had a pretty hard time playing.

  7. Bluezy

    She looks ridiculous….but I’m sure the boys are used to her “Style”

  8. Dea

    I wonder how the other moms on the field react when they see her in that outfit. Oh I bet not only the young boys are having a hard time concentrating..think about the dads :-P

  9. suzan

    What the heck is she wearing? That is disgusting!

  10. Wow. If my mom had shown up to soccer practice like that when I was a kid I’m pretty sure I would’ve hid behind the bleachers. What is she thinking?!

  11. Lora in Kentucky

    I think her going to her sons ball games is very good. However, she could have a little more taste and dignity when choosing her outfits. Yes, her boys are probably used to it, but does she have to look like a sl&t all the time. I think it’s an attention thing.

  12. Janie

    She is disgusting!

  13. Michelle

    It was a BALLGAME Pam!!!! Not a wet T-SHIRT Contest!!! Poor boys!

  14. Allyson

    No way. No. Way. How completely inappropriate and painful to look at. I feel for the kids, you know they take unlimited amounts of shi* about their mom looking like she just stepped out of bed, and not in a sexy kind of way she could have pulled off 15 years ago, either. Do I support her supporting her kids? Sure, but put some frigging clothes on old is this chick now?

  15. Samantha

    Good lord people, Leave her be. Yes it’s not my mommy style, but she’s an involved parent. When did everyone get so mean and nasty?


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