Nicole Kidman: “Waiting For The Third Trimester

Nicole Kidman gave a quick pregnancy update to Access Hollywood at the CMT Awards in Nashville on Monday. The mom-to-be talked about how things have been going now that she’s in her second trimester.

“I’ve had severe morning sickness,” [Now I'm] good actually, really good. Waiting for the third trimester,” she said. “Everyone says that is hard work.”

I remember feeling like the third trimester was tough – What was the hardest trimester for you?

Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. ivy

    im 7 months right now and so far ive had no problems at all….i dont even feel pregnant until its time to go to sleep and i cant lay on my stomach.

  2. Wow, she looks gorgeous there – pregnancy suits her (even with the morning sickness)! :)

    The second trimester was the best one for me. No more nausea, lots of energy, and the third trimester mood swings hadn’t kicked in yet! Good times. ;)

  3. Lisa

    I remember just cruising along in my 2nd trimester, tons of energy, felt great—then towards the end of the third, forget it! I went to Pottery Barn like a week before my due date, and I had to sit on almost every couch in the place – I was so done!

  4. Dea

    She looks like she just had a big bowl of pasta instead of being in her 3rd trimester. :-)

  5. Bev

    The first was terrible for me. I threw up every day, pounding headaches, etc. Im in the 2nd tri now and its going much more smoothly.

  6. Morgan

    I’m in my 3rd trimester now and still feel great, though my hunger has increased.

  7. Jen

    I just had my fourth (and final) son on Feb 29th of this year and the third trimester was by far the most difficult. I was in so much pain, from my back and hips, that I couldn’t sleep and could barely walk.
    I found that with each pregnancy that I had, the harder that they got. I was under the false impression that they got easier lol but boy was I wrong. ^^; At least that’s how it was for me lol


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