Ruby, Tobey & Jennifer Out For Lunch

Ruby, Tobey & Jennifer Out For Lunch

Source : Celebutopia

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  1. MartiniLush

    Absolutely darling!! Ruby is definately approaching her “terrible twos”! Sooooo cute, great family!

  2. Bluezy

    I can’t see her T-Shirt

  3. Nan

    So cute!
    Does anyone know which restaurant they’re at?
    Is it at Fred Segal?

  4. MartiniLush

    Yep, that’s Fred Segal. Actually, if you can see the hostess in the photos, she is the same hostess from the last set of photos of them taken here! ;-)

  5. Tiffany

    is she wearing a kurt cobain t shirt?????
    if so thats toooooo cute i love it!


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