Elisabeth & Grace @ My Little Pony Tea Party

Elisabeth & Grace @ My Little Pony Tea Party

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pictured at the ‘My Little Pony Tea Party’ at Madison Square Garden, with her daughter Grace, 3, sister-in-law Sarah Hasselbeck and Sarah’s kids Annabelle and Mallory.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  1. Anonymous

    Not a cute kid and Elisabeth is extremely annoying!

  2. Anonymous

    I notice you left out the picture of the brat kicking the pony between the legs..

  3. Anonymous

    Here is the picture I was referring to,


    Charming, isn’t it??

  4. Michelle

    Meow. BTW…it doesn’t look like her daughter is kicking the pony. It looks like she’s doing a dance for it. I wonder what specifically is so ugly about Elizabeth. She seems perfectly decent to me. I doubt she spends time on message boards saying horribly rude things about people she hasn’t met or the attractiveness of their children. I think I’d rather have her for my friend than people like that!


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