Helena & Mingus Stop @ Elixir Juice Bar

Source : Bauer-Griffin

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  • leah

    I used to go to the same shcool as Mingus!

    It’s St Lukes’ just about 2 blocks away from Elixir!!
    as well!

    Kate Winslet’s little girl Mia goes there as well!!!

  • christie

    he looks like his dad norman reedus!

  • nicolette

    hahaha he is so gangly

  • Dea

    Ok, maybe it’s me but that is a very odd/unusual name, Mingus Reedus? that sounds like some type of allergy reaction to me. Let’s hope the kids in school dont make fun of him.

  • gavmit

    this is nice to see (for me) I am 5’11” and have twin sons that already come up to my belly button! I see where I am headed with them…

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