Prince Simeon Baptised

Prince Simeon Baptised

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria and husband Kitin Muñoz, who are based in Spain, flew back to Bulgaria with their one-year-old son Simeon Hassan for the ceremony. It is the first of seven sacraments that mark entry into the Christian Orthodox faith. The little prince is the 11th grandchild of the country’s former tsar and was named after Kalina’s Dad.

EDIT : As I previously explained, Princess Kalina suffered a severe respiratory/sinus infection and had to have some tissue of her nose removed. Continue reading to see what she looked like before the surgery.

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  • Dea

    ok, I have got to ask, is there something wrong with her nose?

  • sara

    but…she is MIACHEL JACKSON!!!

    wow…the kid is so cute 😀

  • Nosoupforyou

    That’s what I was going to ask but an explanation has been added on the front page.

  • Just Saying

    Yea that’s all I saw when I looked at the picture too.

  • Linda

    awww what a cute little prince!

    I hope sweden will get a baby royality soon 😛

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