Salma & Valentina On The Set Of ‘Cirque du Freak’

Celebrity mom Salma Hayek is pictured taking a break with Valentina, 7 months, while filming Cirque du Freak, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the movie Salma wears a beard – yeah, it’s kind of weird, click here to see pictures. Hayek, 41, plays bearded lady Madame Truska in the film which is about a sideshow of touring – you guessed it, circus freaks. Look for the film to be released February 2009.

Photo: INF

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  1. What a cutie! I love how she only has one shoe on – typical!

  2. PtitePom

    Extra cute !! I love this baby girl. Can you say that Salma is breastfeeding…. ? ;)


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