Katie Jordan Price & Family In British OK!

Katie Jordan Price & Family In British OK!

British television personality and model Jordan Katie Price is pictured with her husband Peter Andre and her three kids; Harvey, 5 1/2, (dad is Dwight Yorke), Junior, 2 1/2, and Princess Tiammi, 10-months, (dad is Peter Andre) in the April issue of British Ok!

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  • ivy

    wow princess looks just like her dad. except for the coloring…which i guess might of skipped a generation.

  • Angela

    Yeah princess is the spitting image of Peter, she’s a very fair version of him!

  • cyberkitten38

    he (peter andre) is soooooo NOT attractive at all! I dont get what the hype is about him *sigh*

  • DropThePilot

    And in the last picture, Harvey holds Katie’s hand as if she never ever caresses him. Too sad :(

  • Anonymous

    That little boy needs to loose some weight, and why does a 2 and half year old have a pacificer?

  • Nicole

    Junior is the only I find even remotely cute.

  • Lisa

    Please be respectful and sensitive to Harvey — he is blind.

  • Linda

    To Lisa:

    What kind of handikap does Harvey have? Im sorry, Im not trying to be rude but I dont know much about this family.

  • Lisa

    @Linda – Harvey suffers from a condition called septo-optic dysplasia – as well as causing blindness it can also cause brain abnormalities.

  • Linda

    Okey,Thank you for the info. I was asking because I really dont think he looks like he haves a handikap, exept that you can tell something about his eyes.But other than that he looks normal.
    He’s a cute boy.

  • Pencils

    Harvey has major disabilities but he’s always included in their family activities. He’s often seen in a wheelchair in the non-publicity shots. His weight, his eyes–they’re all caused by his condition. I’m not really fans of theirs, but I think they’re great parents.

  • Laura

    This family is soo cute lol

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