Nicole’s Mother’s Day Weekend

Nicole's Mother's Day Weekend

Nicole Kidman, who is seven months pregnant and Keith Urban had a busy weekend. On Saturday they went to Nashville book store Davis-Kidd, and stocked up on some parenting books.

Keith left with “Pocket Dad: Everyday Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Fatherly Advice” and Nicole bought, “Your Pregnancy, Week by Week”.

Nicole wore a pretty pink dress and lunched with friends in Nashville on Mother’s Day.

Kidman, 40, will be playing 60’s English pop singer Dusty Springfield in a new movie chronicling Springfield’s rise to fame.

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  • Carmen G

    She’s got to be having the smallest child known to mankind. She looks like she’s 5 months along, not 7.

    That being said, I hope she has a healthy baby.

  • jamie

    thats what I was thinking shes tiny for 7 months ,maybe she will sprout out the last 2 months? .Hope shes eating enough.

  • ivy

    yeah shes just now starting to show. and she doesnt even have the big boobs she was looking forward to.

  • tara

    she is TINY, oh my. To me she looks about 3 months along. She must not be eating???

  • Rinoa

    She looks great! Being that she’s so tall, I think she looks around 7 months pregnant. Let’s remember that everyone carries differently.

  • Tracy

    Does no one else find it odd that she did not see her kids on Mother’s Day? wtf?

  • Dea

    I agree with Rinoa, everybody carries differently. My girlfriend upto her last 40 weeks looked liked she was carrying a 4 months baby (she is asian which might also make a difference) so Nicole’s stature might be the reason.

  • mexpat

    I had a lucky friend who only gained 12 lbs with the first pregnancy and 13 with the second. I know they say to gain 25+ but she didn’t diet or anything, just only gained a little. Both her kids were healthy, normal weight and she was one of those women who only looks pregnant from the front. I guess some people just have good genes! My sister gained 60 lbs, it’s one of my biggest fears about getting pregnant!

  • neptune0909

    why did her kids spend mother’s day with katie holmes?

  • M

    I think she looks great! Oh my God, she’s stunning…Her bump is normal, she’s very tall, and this is her first pregnancy.

  • Lucy

    why did her kids spend mother’s day with katie holmes?

    Cause Tom wouldn’t allow her to be with them???!!!!!

  • Lizzy

    I firmly believe that tom won’t let her see them. no matter what he says on oprah

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