Adam Sandler Gives Family A Golf Cart Ride

Adam Sandler was spotted with his wife Jacqueline and their daughter Sadie driving a golf cart in Pacific Palisades.

 Edit : Seems like I’m not allowed to give my opinion, so I’ll just give the information and stop expressing my opinion… 

Source : Flynet

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  • Lora

    Poor little Sadie. I think she’s a doll. Why is everybody so down on her. I think she is gorgeous. That curly hair is just lovely :)

  • Lala

    She looks just like her daddy! He must love that fact!

  • Tracy

    I’d like to hear your opinion! I do believe we still have the 1st amendment. (for now anyway)!
    So, let’s hear it.

  • LolaSophia

    Im really sorry if I’ve offended you in any way, that was not the intention. And we definitely have the right to express our opinions, Im wondering how come the comments recently made by people expressing their opinions are not in anymore.

    Edit: You’re right about expressing your opinion. You guys know, we don’t just post the rosey comments. In this situation, the comments were held in moderation to begin with – they were never posted because PtitePom edited her post (after seeing and reading the comments in moderation) She feels really bad – and didn’t mean for what she said to offend anyone. So because the post was edited the comments were never published. The last thing I want is fighting – we’re not that kind of site…anyone who is a daily reader knows that. So, again apologies….Lisa

    @anon – email me at if you want to talk

  • Nicole

    I honestly don’t think she’s that cute, but it looks like the kind of not-cute that turns into full-on gorgeous once she’s grown up. And she does look like her daddy.

  • Jen

    So did we ever find out if they’re having another baby? I recall seeing those pics of his wife with a suspect little tummy several months ago.

  • Momof3

    I think others comments are great, I just don’t think we should make fun of celebs children!!!..I think Sadie is a doll I LOVE her hair and her daddy is sexy, Jackie is one lucky lady. hugs to all

  • Peta

    At least Adam can’t deny the child is his. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sadie grows into a stunner. I’ve seen many a gorgeous person, celebrity or otherwise, start out as the ‘homely looking’ child.

  • Dea

    TI dont think I will visit a web where every post needs to be “filtered/altered” so to make it vanilla (so not to offend others). I mean, we cant make everyone happy but at least we have the right to give our opinion right? (in an educated manner of course).

  • Devin

    I agree with Dea however, I will keep visiting and posting. Beauty is a personal thing, Sadie is an adorable child, just like the others that are posted here. I do find it annoying that when someone doesn’t find the exaulted Shiloh beautiful people fly into a rage and accuse you of being blind, stupid, or jealous.

  • Lisa

    @Dea – Sorry if that’s how you feel, but I’ll explain again – nothing was altered to make it look “vanilla” we are actually unique because all of your comments usually appear right away, and your allowed to comment on a 3 year old using a pacifier, or Rene Charles’ long hair…I do believe in freedom of speech – unlike other sites.

    Within comments there are filters set – so sometimes if comments contain certain words they’re “held” for us to look at otherwise we’d have a ton of spam on the site. I wasn’t even home when this post was written – but PtitePom wrote it, was working (on the site) saw the 2 comments held in the queue. She read them, and felt what she wrote wasn’t appropriate, and didn’t want to let me down, she then removed her opinion. That’s why the comments weren’t published – It all happened quick. It’s not like the comments were out there on the site and we deleted them.

    She did the right thing, and I’m sorry if you feel like we’re manipulating things to look “perfect” because that’s not how it is.

    Hope you’ll continue to visit – I appreciate everyones readership and support. 😉

  • PtitePom

    I apologize if I hurt anyone, it was totally NOT my intention. I didn’t think it would create such a chaos.
    It won’t happen again.

    Thanks for keeping on reading the site guys :)

  • Dea

    Thanks Lisa for clearing this up. I understand what you mean. Thank god coz I got to have my celeb baby news served with my morning coffee everyday! :-)

  • Lisa

    Dea, glad you’re staying! We’d miss you if you left!

  • gia

    i dont think she is a “pretty” or “cute” little girl at all & i dont think growing up is going to help much…she may have an adorable personality though or grow up to be brilliant, who knows? not everyone is beautiful. we are all different & that is what makes life interesting. i dont think we have to think all babies are cute & gush over them. i am not saying be evil or rude to them either.

  • popsykl

    Just because you think something dosen’t mean you have to say it or freaking PRINT it!! grow up ladies!!!

  • Tracy

    You want to see controversy-go to people will rip you apart-it’s ridiculous.

  • anjel

    dammn!adams got some strong genes
    because sadie looks identical to him his clone
    i wish them all the best

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