Gorgeous Shiloh Shops With Mom & Dad @ Bonpoint

Gorgeous Shiloh Shops With Mom & Dad @ Bonpoint

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Photos : Bauer-Griffin/Splash

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  1. BobaFett

    Such a pretty little girl. (: She looks just like Angelina in the 4th pic.

  2. tess

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. one of the most cute celeb babies.
    Amazing how much she looks like Brad.
    I can’t wait to see her with her twin sisters.

  3. bee

    I think it would be pretty impossible for them to create an unattractive child together. Shiloh is a beauty for sure..

  4. Linda

    Oh god, she is all BRAD.. But she’s still very cute and for sure a beauty.

    I think these twin girls will probably look more like Angelina..It will be very intresting to see how their next two children will look like though.

  5. She’s so beautiful I really don’t think they’re having twin girls Star said twin girls and that they’re due in July But Angie is due in August They don’t know what she’s having.

  6. Vale

    For me every child is cute but Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hazel

    What a sweet little face!

  8. Tiffany

    She so yummy. I just want to pinch her cheeks. Her lips are positively perfect and beautiful just like her mama!

  9. Nicole

    Shiloh is getting cuter and cuter as she gets older!

    Also, peoplel.com has an article where a shopkeeper asked Angie if she was having boys or girls, and she said she didn’t know and didn’t want to know!

    I trust PEOPLE over STAR any day.

    (Also – thanks for that picture of Maddox – I’m a Maddox girl, and most of the pics from this outing are of Shiloh.)

  10. Wow, she is so cute. Looks just like mom with dad’s blonde hair. Sometimes I wonder what Jennifer and Brad’s kid would look like. Love love love Shiloh. Although must be kinda scary with all those people crowding around them.

  11. PtitePom

    @ Nicole, you’re welcome, it was the only pic of him in the sets, though :)
    And you know what ? I like Angie’s answer. Even if she knows the gender, she has the right to keep it private. Same for her due date. I like it when celebs are willing to reveal that kind of details, but when they are not, then be it. They have a right to privacy too.

  12. maria

    es lindisima

  13. Bev

    She is seriously gorgeous…it must be so hard to travel and go places with all those people around though. I wonder if it is scary for the kids.

  14. Cassie

    Where’s Maddox? Where’s Pax? Where’s Zahara?

  15. Natalie

    I really want to see what these new little babies look like, I mean, how can you top Shiloh? She is a perfect mix of both her parents. x

  16. Ann

    The whole family is beautiful!!

  17. cassie

    maddox was there to


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