Angelina’s Latest Movie Role Reminds Her Of Her Mother

Angelina’s Latest Movie Role Reminds Her Of Her Mother

Expecting mom Angelina Jolie said that she reflected on her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, while filming her latest movie Changeling. Angelina, 32 years-old, and soon-to-be mother of 6 is expected to be at the Changeling premier later today at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her role as Christine Collins whose 9 year-old son is kidnapped in this true story directed by Clint Eastwood. When authorities return the boy to Christine, she claims he is not her son. The police try to cover up their mistakes and label her an unfit mother and admit her into the psych ward to silence her. Angelina stated,

“To me, she’s very much like my mother [who died in January 2007]. My mother was very passive in many ways and very, very sweet, but when it came to her children, she was a lion. So in many ways, Christine reminded me of my mom, and it was a way to kind of revisit my mother after her passing and spend time with her.”Angelina added: “To lose a child: I can’t imagine anything worse, especially not knowing the fate of that child.”


Photo: Bauer-Griffin 5/20/08 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival.”The Exchange” Photocall. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

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  • Lora

    She looks so pretty. Her hair looks great. I love Angelina. I think she does good with her life. Charities, adoptions, just living. Good for her and Brad. Love ’em.

  • kerri

    she only “does good” with her life because she is such an evil person that she has to compensate. without all the “do good” she probably coundn’t even stand to lay her head on her pillow at night.

    i hope her children grow up and treat her the way she treats her father.

  • Rachel

    Just when I thought to myself that Angie was doing so good not wearing the usual black this week at Cannes….her other prego clothing selections have been just phenomenal!

  • devin

    My God Kerri, you are a brave woman to dare say something negative (but oh so true) about the goddess that is Angelina. This site is becoming as bad as Just Jared post after post praising this child pimping, hypocrite.

  • hannah

    Devin and Kerri I couldn’t agree more! I am so tired of hearing about the self-righteous, egotistic morons and how much everyone adores them. And for the record, no I am not jealous, just disgusted.

    However, as much as I dislike them, I must say their children are all beautiful.

  • Tracy

    I can’t even stand Just Jared anymore. God forbid you say anything even remotely negative. All of those people must just sit on their computers all day worshiping them. It’s sad!

    I actually liked Angelina before she became all “Mother-earth”. I think her focusing on “collecting” and birthing children keeps her out of trouble.

    I also think Brad looks beat. Yeah, he wanted kids, but geez, this many all at once? I wonder if deep down he’s regretting it.
    And I really don’t think any of the kids are cute. Shiloh is cute, but she’s not the cutest kid ever. Someone said its because they are not ‘American-looking’ enough. Actually, no, I just have eyes.

    And really, she has no idea that her picture is being taken on a balcony? Come on. We’ve all seen your boobs, thanks.

    So this is what I think. And no, I don’t love Jennifer, I’m not bitter that they divorced, I’m not jealous (I have twins, too), and I’m not a ‘hater.’ Say what you will. People are scary. I don’t think I would trade places with her.

  • Rachel

    Brad does look beat…wonder how Angelina is keeping from looking that way too? I guess he does have a few years on her. He looks like he’s aged 15 years since they hooked up. Maybe Jen’s revenge is still looking so great!

  • devin

    She’s a succubus, takes all of the life out of the men she’s with. They all look beat and careers die after they’ve been with her for awhile.

  • Linda

    God! whats wrong with beeing so god? Yeah,maybe she and her father has some faults in their realationship, But thats non of your busniess.

    Look at other celebritys, Tell me atleast ONE who has done as much as Angelina. P.diddy is spending 1 millon for some hours for a party, rather than to give it to charity.

    Whatever.. there is no reason for me to try to change your opinions. But I stronly disagree with you.

  • devin

    You should do a little research their is a lot of controversy and missing money that these two haave promised and the money has never seen its way to the intended charity. There is nothing wrong with being good if its sincere Angie’s is always to garner publicity for herself. She wants people to forget her wretched past. Look at how much money Angie is spending on the villa she lives in, shopping at the most expensive stores for her children. So Diddy paying money for a party there is no difference.

  • hannah

    I loved Angie before she went all mother earth. When she adopted Maddox she was fun and didn’t publicize her charity work, now it seems she’s shoved down our throats all the time. Don’t get me started on JustJared! Awful! I can’t even go there anymore I get so aggrivated.

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