Helena Picks Mingus & Friends Up From School

This is a cute picture of boys being silly. Helena Christensen picks up her son Mingus Luchien Reedus, 7, (giving the rabbit ears) and his friends from school. Helena recently said that Mingus is totally obsessed with Pokemon.

Photo: Splash

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  1. Bluezy

    Mingus? Mingus Reedus??? SERIOUSLY???? What is wrong with people?

  2. Anna

    What is wrong with people like you who assume everyone should having boring, plain English names??
    Helena is Danish and Mingus is a perfectly acceptable, cute Danish name. Why shouldn’t she have the right to name her child whatever she wishes and take pride in her background?

  3. christie

    its just a name!! I agree with #2!

  4. Patrice

    Mingus is bloody gorgeous.


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