Paris Wants Kids…..Soon

Paris Hilton recently stated that she wants to join BFF Nicole Richie and have a Madden baby……..soon. She said she’d like to start a family with boyfriend Benji Madden in 2009.

Paris and Benji have been dating for 3 months and Paris is sure he’s the perfect babydaddy,

“I do want a baby. Pretty soon. Not yet because I’m so busy, but next year”.

So that would make Baby Harlow and Baby Paris Jr. first cousin’s……every BFF’s dream come true.


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  1. Tracy

    I’m sure Nicole would be really thrilled to be chained to her for life if she has a kid with him. Of course, I somehow don’t see him with her for the long haul. Maybe not Joel and Nicole either.

  2. hannah

    Paris Hilton reproducing…sign of the apocalypse!

  3. taylor

    god i hope she doesn’t breed

  4. poppy

    please…no! Wait, just wait a bit. Hopefully they will break up before she gets a chance.

  5. cyberkitten38

    gawd help us all..that would most likely be the most spoiled and dysfunctional child in hollywood!

  6. Rinoa

    Oh my god, I hope she doesn’t have a baby. I really feel like she would be an awful mother.

  7. devin

    Please, if Angelina can breed and turn her life around then why not Paris? Thier past are amazingling similar.

  8. jamie

    shes only doing it cause its fashinable to have one now ,shes way to immature and into herself to have a child to look after ,she cant stay out of the bars long enough. How would she be able to tell who the father is shes with 100 men month lol

  9. JJ

    People, please. I’m really NOT her fan but what about Nicole Richie?? Who would say about two years (or even a year???) ago that she’ll be a great mother and that she’s mature enough to have kids??? And now she seems to embrace motherhood well. Maybe it’ll be the same this time round…


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