Gwyneth Works Out 3 Hours A Day

Gwyneth Works Out 3 Hours A Day

Please stop comparing yourself to post-baby-bodies like Gwyneth Paltrow! It is reported that she works out 3 hours a day, 7 days a week,

“I think she works out three hours a day – which is one of the keys to success,” chef Mario Batali recently stated. “If we all did that, we’d all look like Gwyneth Paltrow,” he said. “Or at least closer.” He added that the 35 year-old mother of 2 “loves to eat … and, you know, she never puts on a pound!”

Paltrow and Batali are working on a PBS documentary Spain …On the Road Again, airing this fall.



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  • AC

    there are days that i work out for 3 hours… a pilates class followed by yoga. But not every day for sure. What KIND of excersize is she doing for 3 hours a day is what I’d like to know.

  • devin

    That’s a bit obsessive.

  • Cm

    i think he was exaggerating

  • Peta

    3 hours a day? Whoa. I do one hour of dance twice a week and I’m wiped.

  • Jessica

    I can see her working out 3 hours a day. When you can afford to not work and have people raise your kids for you, you can pretty much do whatever you want to do!!
    That’s what alot of people dont understand. These celebrities who have children, hire maids, nannys etc. to watch their kids so the have the opportunity to do things like that (work out, have surgery to fix it etc.) with no problem. The regular women like me are up at 4:30 in the morning every day, work full time jobs, take the kids to daycare, come home to cook dinner, bathe the kids and get them into bed by 8:30 every night AND find time to satisfy my husband.
    People are blinded by fame.

  • Tanya

    I believe it. Have you seen her lately? She looks pretty awesome.
    She is a partner with Tracy Anderson Method… which is a type of work out. She co-owns the gyms.

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