Supernanny Offers Help To Britney

Supernanny, Jo Frost opens up about Britney Spears to Entertainment Tonight and offers some advice to the popstar. She had some positive things to say, which is what she needs right now.

“I do believe she loves her children very much and I’d be more than happy to help her. To be able to put her on the right track and feel more empowered as a parent. It’s about Britney being in a place where she’s feeling secure and confident in herself, so that she is able to take care of her little ones and give them what they need from her, which is their mother around.”

Jo has a book coming out called Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care; What You Need to Know for the First Year from America’s Most Trusted Nanny.

Frost has been praised by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman and Kelly Ripa.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via OK!

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  • Amber

    no thanks, she’s SKEE ARY looking. I must be
    living under a rock, I never heard of her.

  • Tracy

    Umm, you actually have to WANT to be with your kids. And Britney clearly does not.

  • Tiphanie

    oh really?…and how do you know that she doesn’t want to be with her kids?i can’t stand people who judge other people only because they are celebrities…you don’t even know her…

  • Tracy

    Actions speak louder than words. According to court records, she has not shown up in court numerous times. Yeah, she really wants to get them back, don’t be so naive.

    And I can’t stand people who think that I am “judging them only because they’re celebrities”. You must be one of those people who think that others are jealous because we don’t have what they have. Your stupidity is showing.

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