Jessica & Cash Plan Babymoon

Jessica Alba’s last-minute, quickie wedding to long-term boyfriend (and babydaddy) Cash Warren surprised even the closest of their friends and family. The newlyweds are planning to have a wedding reception to make up for the invitation snub,

“Jessica wants to have something special with everyone there,” a source said.” She wanted to do this right. She’s always wanted to be married and have a baby with Cash.”

Jessica, 27, and Cash, 31, don’t plan on a conventional honeymoon either,

“She wants to go on a babymoon vacation before she gives birth,” Jessica’s friend recently stated. “She’s looking forward to lounging on a beach somewhere like Cabo. They want to do relaxing couple’s things like get messages – of course hers will be prenatal! She is trying to spend as much along time with Cash as she can!”

Source: OK!

Photo: Flynet

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  1. interesting, a babymoom. i wonder if she can fly… or if she’s supposed to fly…

  2. Bev

    they are so boring!

  3. Pencils

    I don’t believe that, she could give birth at any time. It would be foolish to leave the country. It’s not as if there aren’t beaches and masseuses in Southern California!


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