Kerry Katona: 1-Year-Old Heidi Swears

There were pictures in the paper of Liam Gallagher’s son Gene sticking his fingers up at the paparazzi – like father like son! To be fair, i think all kids pick up the occasional naughty thing every now and again. Heidi said s**t the other day, but she didn’t get it from me. My stepsister Pat said it, so I blame her!

Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 625 – June 3 2008 – Pg 29

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  • Linda

    lol .. just blame your stepsister.

  • christie

    oh isn’t she just a bunch of ****!

  • antigonie

    Some kids say it because they’re trying to say “sit” not “s***”. My little cousin says it all the time when she’s playing with the dog. It’s one of those things that gets lost in translation with the little ones.

  • dea

    when my son looks at a clock he will say the word without the “L” which sounds pretty much obscene whenever we are in the public places!

  • hannah

    My son used to say his “Tr’s” as “F”s. So anytime he saw a truck, well…you get the idea. Let’s just say my husband and I got quite a few dirty looks until his pronunciation improved. :-)

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