Gwyneth Paltrow On Her Motherhood Guilt Issues

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow talked to New! magazine this week about her guilt issues of being a working mum and deciding on the unusual names she and husband Chris Martin picked for their two children Apple, 4, and Moses, 2.

She said it is difficult to be apart from the children while filming,

“Of Course. Some days I’d think, ‘Oh, my god, they’re in the bath right now and I’m not there.’ I’d cry in the trailer! But I realised it’s OK for me to want to express that part of myself.”

When asked about naming her children, she said,

“My husband named Apple. He said, ‘If this baby is a girl, we’ll call her Apple.’ I just thought that it was very cool. I like unusual names. And it suits her perfectly – she is the apple of my eye! And Moses – that’s a big name! My father was Jewish and his Hebrew name was Moses, and we just thought that it was a good name. I love it.”

Source: New! Magazine – Issue 267 – June 9th 2008 – Pg 58-59


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  • Nicole

    She’s always either whining about something or just being stupid.

    I’ll be glad when she doesn’t have any movies to promote anymore, then she can go back to whining about the paparazzi and reporters and how invasive they are.

  • luis

    no la soporto

  • Theresa

    funny…I read a story stating that friends of theirs had a baby girl and called her apple…and then wow…they had a baby girl and choose the unique name of apple…I am thinking exfriends now!

  • devin

    Gwyneth lives with her foot in her mouth. Poor girl can’t help herself. Why do these magazines insist on publishing every inane thing that come out of these cretins mouths.

  • bluezy

    Call the kid whatever you want but why not NAME her something halfway normal!!?? I don’t get it. Who wants to go through their life named after a fruit?

  • dea

    I was hoping the Duggars named all their 18 kids fruits’ names. Bet they will sound interesting (Banana, stop pulling pineapple’s hair you little mush!)

  • MartiniLush

    Sorry to sound like a major B***H here, but if it so hard for her to be away from her kids while filming, maybe she should stay home! There are so many of us that HAVE to work, who would give almost anything to be home with our babies all day – to sit here and read her whining about how hard it is for her, when she could so easily NOT work really makes me want to scream!

  • Nicole

    Oh please, tons of celebs take their kids to set with them – why can’t she? She has to bitch in every single interview she gives, and the parts that aren’t bitching are statements she’s made time and time again.

  • Kate

    I think the majority of what she says is taken out of extreme context. They like to play her up as an whiny ice queen, but shes just being honest. Theres no resaon she cant be in movies as long as she doesnt completely ignore her kids. On the same token, its completely okay to miss them while shes filming. Since when any of you do nothing without your kids? Some of you may have to work to survive and its upsetting, but its not like if you didnt work youd never leave your kids side and in turn never miss them.

    Get over it and stop being so critical

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