Neal McDonough & Family Enjoy The LA Sunshine

Actor Neal McDonough, wife Ruve Robertson and their one-year-old daughter Catherine ‘Cate’ Maggie enjoy the beautiful weather at a LA park yesterday

Photo: GHOST/Fame Pictures

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  • Amber

    Invisible child helmet?

  • Dylett

    I was coming to comments to ask the same thing as the PP. We plan on getting bike seats for our 2 yr old girls this summer and they will def be wearing helmets.

  • Ricki

    It could be in the basket or in the bag in the stroller. he wasn’t riding the bike when the picture was taken. he was using the bike like a stroller. do you guys put helmets on your kids when they are in a stroller? i didn’t think so.

    way to automatically jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

    i’m not saying they had a helmet somewhere. i’m just saying nothing there says they didn’t. i see nothing wrong with that picture whatsoever.

  • sarita

    Here comes the helmet police…..there is nothing wrong with not wearing a helmet on a bicycle.

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