Matt & Camila Leave The Viper Room

Matt & Camila Leave The Viper Room

Matthew Mcconaughey and his pregnant girlfriend Camilla Alves walk hand-in-hand as they head back to their car after seeing the Little Jackie gig at the famous Viper Room in LA last night.

Before they know it they’ll be parents, Camila is due later this month.


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  1. Carolina

    I wonder if she teaches him how to speak Portuguese! :)

  2. HMM

    Something about that picture gives me an extremely bad vibe, and I usually love M.M. but I saw this and just got a bad feeling about them. I don’t think they are very happy or compatible with eachother…just an opinion. =D They don’t look happy either and most of the time pregnant couples are glowing and happy. Maybe its the paps


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