Kate Beckinsale : “I Don’t Want More Kids”

Married to director Len Wiseman, she says about her family,

“We’re such a merry little bunch as we are. Maybe I will at some point but I feel I have everything I want. (…) Lily is the perfect child. She is really so much fun and into the same things as me.”

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Photo : Bauer Griffin, May 25

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  • cm

    ha, i wondered if she was going to have any more b/c of lily’s age and kates been married for a while.

  • Queen of the LaLa Land

    Kate comes off a bit selfish…
    I’m sorry to say but “I will, I have, I want…she’s into the same things as ME.”
    And what’s up with the “I don’t feel like Lily needs a sibling”… I just can’t help but to wonder.

  • janine

    maybe she should ask her daughter whether or not she would like a sibling, not dictating her daughters needs. it must be incredibly lonely being an only child,especially at such a young age. she seems to have the attitude that since she was happy as an only child, her daughter will be too.

  • Peta

    As someone raised as an only child, I wanted a sibling for many years. Then I turned 12 and counted my blessings. Now, having seen the bickering and fighting my grandma puts up with her sisters, I’m really glad I won’t have that to deal with later.

    The article didn’t mention if her husband also didn’t want additional children, so I don’t think it’s fair to brand Kate as selfish. Maybe she could have worded her statement better, and maybe Lily is happy without siblings.

  • Jen

    I was raised an only child as well and always wanted siblings. I found the life to be extremely lonely but I always lived on farms out in the middle of nowhere lol My parents, both, worked, so once I was old enough, I was left alone all the time.
    Now I am a mother of four boys and would love to have another one. I finally have the big family that I always wanted.
    Lily might do the same… might.

  • Carmen G

    Janine – ok, that was the most asinine thing I’ve read in a long time…since when should a child dictate to a parent about bringing another child into the world??

    Sorry, but I have to say that an adult knows whats best in that situation, not a 9 year old.

  • Audrey

    I cannot believe that there is a magical number that should dictate how many or few children a woman should have. My husband and I decided for ourselve, and no family especially children where allowed to help make the call. Afterall, it was our responsibility to rear them.

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