Naomi Campbell Ready For Kids

“Now I can have a child I would like one,” Campbell said. “I’m even willing to have one without a father. I know that I am ready. I know that with a baby I would change, I’d calm down. With a child you cannot accept compromises. You have to give your full self.”

Source: Sunday People

Photo : Bauer Griffin, May 23

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  1. Nicole

    She wants a BABY to calm her down? Is she crazy? You have to grow up and stop throwing tantrums BEFORE you have a child, not BECAUSE you have one.

    Hopefully she doesn’t have one yet.

  2. Jen

    Good grief. This just furthers my belief that all celebrities should be spayed or neutered.

  3. devin

    Amy Winehouse’s father suggested a baby would get his daughter off of drugs. These celebrities just use babies and parenting to battle their demons and pimp for publicity.

  4. pika

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to selfish.

  5. Portia

    yeah, my mom thought having kids would calm her down too. She was quite the violent one in her youth, and once she had me and my sisters – she simply starting beating us.

    Naomi is delusional and needs some hardcore therapy.

  6. Rachel

    Poor celebrity kids whose parents use them as band-aids to cover up their problems.

  7. Skang

    the though of her having a baby makes me want to spit up my starbucks :P

  8. dea

    @Portia, I am sorry to hear that.
    I would say best of luck to her child. Hope she got a fund for her baby’s future therapy sessions.

  9. Lauren

    Mommie Dearest anyone?


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