Bob Geldof & Tiger-Lily @ The Playhouse Theater

Bob Geldof & Tiger-Lily @ The Playhouse Theater

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  1. pika

    Wow, I really see Michael in T-L!

  2. antigonie

    I absolutely love her name.

  3. Pencils

    Her father is Bob Geldof, the man who took her in, adopted and raised her when her biological parents both succumbed to their various demons.

  4. sj

    wow, Tiger Lily looks just like her dad (Michael Hutchence) I saw him in concert many years ago in London. God rest his soul. I see her in her face so much. And she has his inherited his gorgeous hair :) I just hope she sees more of her grandparents in Australia. I have no idea why she was not allowed to see them :( That’s Bob for you. Michael probably turning in his grave, he and Bob were not the best of friends!!


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