Jodie Foster Takes Her Boys Out For Smoothies

Jodie Foster Takes Her Boys Out For Smoothies

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  1. poppy

    does anyone know if they are biologically hers? They look like it.

  2. re Poppy

    Gave birth to Charles Bernard Foster on 20 July 1998 and Kit Bernard Foster on 29 September 2001.

  3. Amanda

    Kit ahs the same bday as me Sept 29th!!!lol although I’m near twice his age at 21 :P

  4. Rachel

    Interesting to anyone else that she gave both her sons the same middle name? My guess is that it is probably a family name…

  5. Dirk

    Their middle name is actually Foster’s partner, Cydney’s, last name. (Rumor has it they split after 14 odd years recently.)


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