Camila & Matt Bring The Goods

Camila & Matt Bring The Goods

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves went to a party at a friends house over the weekend. Matt had the wine — and Camila had the gifts…looks like their friend is expecting a baby too! Before they know it, their baby will be here — Camila is due this month.

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  • ladyblue

    what i love about her is that she is sooo down to earth. she doesnt mind being seen with the same outfit. Unlike the other pregnant celebs who are seen with a new outfit everyday. Plus her clothes are affordable and anyone can have access to them.

  • gia

    i know she is very pregnant, but would it kill her to at least put on a little lip gloss? she is a little bit too natural looking for my taste. however, she does have pretty dresses.

  • ladyblue

    LOL. I dont think that is her style, Gia. If you notice Matt has always dated really down to earth girls except for Penelope. So I dont think he would like a girl that would wear make up all the time. Even when she is dressed up she seems to have very little makeup.
    Shows that she has true natural beauty.

  • Bev

    I think they are sooooo boring!

  • Olivia

    i think that Matthew is completly not in my style. and i hardly can say he is hot. but Camila is natural beauty. i love her pregnancy style. she always looks perfect on pictures no matter it is movie premiere or she runs errands.

  • Claudius

    What has being down to earth got to do with wearing no makeup or wearing the same clothes all the time? Being down to earth has a lot to do with what is going on inside and how one acts towards another human being. Does anyone know how she is behind closed doors?

    The fact that she doesn’t glam it up doesn’t mean that all you see is all there is.

  • ladyblue

    what you have on the inside does show on the outside eventually. And the fact that she is modest and confident enough to wear simple clothes and go out with out make up says a lot. She doesnt care what anybody thinks unlike some who are always dressed up even to go to the grocery store. And I ahve met Camila once ar her bag showing and she was very down to earth and polite. It was at a simple boutique, nothing glamorous and there werent any cameras or celebrities. It is a fresh of breathe air to have “boring” people like her then having crazy Britney who disgrace motherhood.
    And apparently she is fabulous enough because you are on this blog checking her out.

  • Claudius

    The fact that I am on this blog commenting on someone’s comment has little to do with finding her fabulous. My comments have to do with the idea of being “down to earth” as if it is some kind of praise.

    I don’t know her, nor do I care to. Of course, what you are on the inside shows on the outside but it has little to do with wearing her clothes twice or going out without makeup. I am sure the likes of Perez Hilton wear their clothes twice and don’t mind going out with zits all over their faces, same with many bloggers about. Not caring what people think about you doesn’t make you down to earth, being polite doesn’t make you down to earth. Does she deserve a price for not getting on a high horse or something? So, what if she shops at a simple boutique that is not glamourous or celeb-minded? She is not a celebrity, she is having a kid with one. She is model, right but I daresay that hundreds of models will be listed before her name pops up so why should she have ideas above her station?

  • ladyblue

    Well its my opinion and from my xperience with her I felt she had a very good vibe and she doesn’t shop at the store but was presenting her new bags there. I was surprised that it wasnt a big hoopla and was invited through her since I purchased 2 of her bags and her charm necklace online at Kind of like a meet and greet. But Perez Hilton and her are in 2 different categories. He likes drama so him going out looking a hot mess is part of his act.

    Again from my experience with her she seemed very relaxed and polite.

  • megan e

    Of course this is a meal ticket for her. Making bags isnt brain surgery and I am sure she wasnt making much from modeling. Its convenient for both of them. She gets the money and fame which will help her new bag line out and he gets to have a stay at home mom who pretty much depends on him. This pregnancy wasnt planned and I am sure she knew what she was doing by getting pregnant.
    She isnt all that lovely I must say. She has one eye smaller than the other and buck teeth. There is nothing special about her. There many woman like her in L.A. and Brazil.
    One kills me is that we have pregnant women walking around everyday and we glorify her for what? Because she wazs the one chosen by Matthew Mcconaughey? PLEASE!!
    He hasnt cured cancer and does nothing to this world and his movies suck. She glorified for being a baby mama but we degrade “regular” babymamas everyday.
    She is no different than them except she used this pregnancy for a free ride.

  • Nina

    Sorry Megan, but it was surely not her who chose to be “famous” or “glorified” by having Matthew McConaugheys baby. She does not act like someone who needs public attention badly… she simply fell in love and got preggers, it’s the media who hyped this fact so much that we get to see pictures of her everyday. I bet if she could choose, she would rather not be photographed every day while doing things every person does.

    I feel sorry for her. And for the fact that so many people like judge others though all they know about them is pictures taken by paparazzi.

  • Anonymous

    What kills me is that people like Megan and Claudius come on this site and judge people they have never met. If you cant stand pregant women walking around being photographed pregnant because it “glorifies” them Megan, what are you doing on this site? You sit and say her eye is smaller than the other and her teeth are bad, well who are you? A jealous nobody behind a computer who likes to point out people’s flaws because you are so insecure with yourself. Let’s put your picture up and point out your many flaws
    I dont get why anyone bashes her? She doesnt do anything wrong. She is always photographed doing everyday things. Its not like she is some paparazzi whore.
    And Claudius, what is your definition of being down to earth?

  • Tracy

    It kills me when people are labeled jealous or insecure for making observations, and yes, maybe even judgments. That is a load of BS.

  • ladyblue

    The funny thing is that I said something positive about her and still got shut down. And I stand by what I say she is a down to earth person

  • anon

    What kills me is people who post anonymously and talk smack. I think it was a valid question how do you know she is down to earth. You could have said she seems to be down to earth. Because you don’t know her. It amazes me that people come on these blogs and talk about these people as if they have some intimate knowledge of them. Matt and Camilla have been in negotiations for the past several months trying to get top dollar for the pictures of their spawn. That’s enterprisingly down to earth.

  • ladyblue

    I met her so that is how I know. There is your valid answer. On several occasions and from each time she was down to earth,polite, and very approachable. So pls get off of it now Anon and Claudius and Megan. Go talk smack at another blog maybe Perez Hilton’s blogs would fit u guys better.

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