Salma & Valentina Shop On Melrose

Salma Hayek, and 8-month-old Valentina Paloma Pinault did some shopping on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday. Valentina is getting big — and looks so much like her mommy!

Photo: FAME

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  1. Lily

    I think she may be cuter than Shiloh.

  2. Lala

    Definately the cuttest hollywood baby bar far. I wonder why she dosen’t get as much press as Suri and Shiloh and crew…

  3. Hannah

    Ah she’s gorgeous! I love her little chubby legs too!

  4. cm

    lala, i think she doesnt get as much press b/c her parents are as controversial as brad&angie (the whole were they werent they before he was divorced) and katie and tom (no explanation needed)

  5. devin

    Her mother protects her from the press and I think she is so much cuter than Shiloh.


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