Afternoon Stroll For Heidi & Gang

Afternoon Stroll For Heidi & Gang

Heidi Klum was spotted out with her her youngest son Johan, 18 months, her mom Erna and a nanny in NYC yesterday. Looks like they all were having fun – Erna was dangling keys trying to keep Johan amused.

Photo: Flynet

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  1. Nicole

    I like her, but why does she need at least two people with her whenever she takes the kids out? I know that’s her mom, but did she have to bring a nanny along, too?

  2. Anonymous

    mabe its just a girls day out along with the baby. The other 2 are probably in pre school or something.

  3. allie

    i understand that she would take a nanny with her if she’s with all her kids but really it’s just one kid and besides her mom is there too


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