Ulrika Jonsson Not In A Rush To Lose Baby Weight

Former weather girl Ulrika Jonsson and husband Brian Monet took their three-week-old son Malcolm out this week. Ulrika, 40, gained five stone while pregnant with her fourth child and after giving birth just three weeks ago she revealed she isn’t in a rush to lose it. She said in Hello! Magazine recently,

“I’m happy to be called fat or weighty by the papers for the foreseeable future. I will get my body back but I will take my time. I am nearly 41 and have just had my fourth child.”

Ulrika is also mum to Cameron, 13, Bo, seven and Martha, four.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Abby

    Good for her
    She probally doesnt have time to lose weight any way.

  2. Rinoa

    How refreshing!!

  3. Jennie

    Finally a REAL mom lol!


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