Update: Kimora Lee Simmons Granted Sole Custody Of 2 Daughters

Update: Russell Simmons’ publicist just sent this open letter to Perez Hilton regarding the following custody agreement between the hip hop mogul and Kimora Lee.

According to legal papers that The Insider has obtained, Kimora Lee Simmons has been granted sole legal and physical custody of her two young daughters, Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5. Father Russell Simmons has been granted visitation with the girls for one week every eighth week with additional summer vacation and holiday time. Kimora Lee has been granted the legal authority to make all decisions regarding their daughters’ health, education and welfare.

Russell is legally responsible to pay Kimora Lee $40,000 per month for both children. Child support will be paid until each girl reaches the age of 19 1/2, becomes emancipated, dies, marries, becomes self-supporting, no longer lives with Kimora, joins the armed forces or if the court later orders otherwise. He must also purchase or lease a new car that is valued at no less than $60,000 for the use and benefit of his daughters. That car must be replaced every 24 months.

Source: The Insider and Perez Hilton

Photo: BCK, March 31

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  • Tracy

    Wow-seems like he got screwed!

  • Abby

    …Waste of money

  • Anonymous

    Good for Kimora. It only makes since that she gets sole custody because when do you ever see the girls with Russell, NEVER. Kimora may spoil her children but she knows whats best for them. Russell never spends any time with those girls unless he’s coming to Kimora’s office to discuss something. I always see them with Kimora and Djimond and not Russell and whats her face (porchela or whatever her name is).

  • http://hotmail.com melina salazar

    kimora one day i would love to meet u u are my idol thank u for being fabulous

  • http://hotmail.com melina salazar

    kimora you are my idol one day i would love to meet you thank you foer being fabulous

  • http://hotmail.com melina

    kimmora i am 13 years old and when i grow older i want to be just like you a model a fashion designer and a mom thank you for being fabulous

  • Anonymous

    simply beyond ridiculous. Maybe she should have been given custody but what child needs $20,000 per month, I don’t even spend that on myself. And I’m sorry, but there are HUNDREDS of cars out there that are less than $40,000 that would be good enough, are these children made of solid gold and diamonds??

    There’s children starving in the world, it sickens me to read this drivel.

  • Nicole

    Anonymous – I completely agree. If she’s spending $40k a month on just two kids, she has a serious problem and those kids will have one when they get older.

    From the sound of it, did her husband even want kids?

  • janie

    Can’t stand Kimora. She is a huge fake!

  • Tracy

    Regardless of if he wanted kids or not, they were her meal ticket. She’s such a douche.

  • Devin

    Kimora deserves that and all she can get out of Russell. This man pulled an Elvis with her and her mother went along with it. It’s well known that he was sniffing around her when she was around 14 years old. She was in her teens when he started dating her and the legal teens. he robbed her of her youth. So, whatever she is it’s because of him. Hopefully, she threatened to disclose just how young she was when they became intimate because this sounds like a black mail to me.

  • Devin

    Sorry for the bad grammar but Russell Simmons is a freak and I got way to emotional.

  • Amy

    I totally agree Devin, plus she’s the head of their company now and she made her own money long before russell came along so its not like she’s hurting and I’m sure he’d be willing to do what was awarded and more without the courts being involved

  • Anonymous

    I’m not disputing that he needs to pay some sort of support, all “dead beat” dads should. What disgusts me is the AMOUNT of money that she needs to care for these kids, take the money and give it to charity, how many toys and clothes do two children need.

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