‘Princess P’ To Be A Mommy

Update : Paris revealed that she is indeed engaged and that the baby girl wil be named Egypt.

American Idol ’06 contestant Paris Bennett, aka ‘Princess P’ is expecting a baby girl in October and will be 20 by then. Her Mom, Jamecia, is ecstatic at the news,

“This makes five generations,” she says. “I’m proud of how she did it. I was 16 when I got pregnant.”

They’re already planning a baby shower in August and Queen Latifah will be one of the guests.

Latifah has made it clear that she plans to spoil this baby with gifts and that she won’t be stopped. You’re the princess but I’m the queen,” Jamecia said Latifah told Paris.

Head to MediaTakeOut for a picture of pregnant Paris.

Source : Star Tribune

Photo : Music Remedy

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  1. Kate

    What does she mean by shes proud of how she did it..? Proud that she was young when she had her? 20 is young, but not teenage mother young.

  2. Beth

    I think its digusting and low-class how people celebrate young un-wed mothers nowadays. Whatever happened to doing things the “right-way”? Date, get married THEN have a baby….

    “This makes five generations,” she says. “I’m proud of how she did it. I was 16 when I got pregnant.”

    Thats just sad…

  3. Nicole

    Okay, that is a horrible comment! “I’m proud of how she did it!” I guess we all know WHY she’s pregnant so young, don’t we?

  4. Hannah

    Maybe she means she’s proud of the way Paris handled the situation, i.e. she’s taking responsibility for her actions and having the child instead of an alternative solution…? I don’t know, it’s a very odd comment to make either way.

  5. Pencils

    I guess if you got pregnant at 16, having a baby at 20 sounds a lot better.


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