Tobey & His Girl

Tobey Maguire and his little girl Ruby Sweetheart, 19 months, enjoyed an outing at the park on Sunday. Ruby is getting so big and looks just like her mom – Jennifer Meyer.

Photo: FAME

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  • Anonymous

    you keep posting she looks like her Mom, I totally think she looks like her dad, much much more than her Mom….

  • MartiniLush

    I think she is a really good mixture of both of them – she has some of her mom’s features, but so many of Tobey’s as well!

  • ivy

    i think she looks just like her mom. big forehead, scrunched up face, big nose

  • gia

    i agree with ivy, she looks totally like her mom.

  • Bee

    She is gorgeous, and looks like both.

  • Lisa

    I know I always say she looks like Jennifer – but to me she does…I do see Tobey too (just a little) 😉

  • Julie

    She looks like Jennifer to me, too ! :)

  • Lioness

    I think she looks like a cross- a beautiful, beautiful cross- between the two parents.

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