Jade Hallyday Enjoys The American Life

Jade Hallyday Enjoys The American Life

Source : Flynet

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  1. Sherry

    It looks like Suri in two years.

  2. Julie

    @ Sherry : My thought exactly! While posting the pictures, I was thinking to myself “wow, she looks like Suri!” The clothes, the hair, the style, the bottle, same kind of little girl.

  3. Bluezy

    The clothes and bottle…very Suri-like. Very ridiculous too!

  4. Rosy J

    OMG! We we all thinking the same exact thing. lol

  5. Rosy J

    I meant to say “were”. See what happens when you are not nice. lol

  6. Peta

    Am I the only one wondering why an almost 4 year old still has a bottle?

  7. Tracy

    My friend gives her 5 yr old 3 bottles a day! It’s so ridiculous and unnecessary.

  8. Rachel

    Because she is a celebrity spawn and that somehow makes it right to call your own shots at 4 years old?

    Because her parents are too self-absorbed to consider what is and is not appropriate at age 4?

    Because it got the paparazzi to take her picture and increased the whole family’s notoriety?

    Who knows…


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