Jennifer & Marc In Milan

Jennifer & Marc In Milan

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were photographed at a press conference in Milan. J Lo looks great, but I’m not sure about her dress?!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Nicole

    Bad color for her, I think.

  2. gia

    yeah, i think they both look kind of beat. the twins must be wearing them out…joking! we all know they probably have nannies.

  3. Amanda

    you can see her tan lines,you think she would do what most celebs do,get a spray on tan and I agree the dress is not flattering on her.

  4. ivy

    he’s always looked half dead anyway

  5. Claire

    The TAN LINES!!!!!

  6. Melana

    They look a little older, a little more haggard, but to be expected when sleep is compromised. She is still quite big around the middle. I’m sure she’s working on it. I suspect in six months she’ll look a lot better than she does now….oh and that dress – not so good.

  7. Jx2

    The colour of her dress is the same as infant’s poop…a very unflattering colour!

  8. She looks almost sunburned

  9. Rachel

    Is it just me or besides looking dead, is he just freakishly thin now or what?

  10. Jx2

    #9 – I totally agree with you!!

  11. Kris

    he always looked sickly, and that dress is hideous! My personal feelings might be showing also,- I don’t like her at all.

  12. Anonymous

    If the one arm didn’t have a sleeve and it was a different color, that dress would be fierce!


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