Melania Trump & Barron In NYC

Melania Trump & Barron In NYC

Melania Trump, 38, and son Barron William Trump, 2, leave a building owned by dad Donald Trump in New York City Tuesday morning. What a little cutie pie Barron is!


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  1. gia

    he is such a beautiful little boy.

  2. Rachel

    Cute kid, but the white sweater tied around his little 2 year old neck in July is unbearably lame…

  3. Julie

    He’s adorable! But I agree, the white sweater is over the top…so preppy!

  4. Kris

    Do you think he owns some flip flops?

  5. Julie

    Leather black and gold MacLaren stroller, tied white sweater, but Nike sneakers on… There’s some hope… Now, the flip-flops, I’m not quite sure…. ;)

  6. Rachel

    Right, Julie? I just noticed the suited man pushing the stroller behind them. I mean for real? Are Melania’s arms broken? Ten times more unbearably lame than just the white sweater…

  7. Lioness

    This kid is gorgeous…


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