Princess Ruby & The Watermelon

Source : US Magazine

Filed under: Jennifer Meyer,Ruby Sweetheart Maguire


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  1. tess

    She’s sooo cute.

  2. christie

    awwww,she’s one of the very cute celeb babies!!

  3. MartiniLush

    Gosh, I love this little cutie-pie and I think they are one of the greatest celeb families ever!

  4. lk8

    so stinkin’ cute! i always think that besides it being totally obnoxious to have the paparazzi invading your life- wouldn’t it be nice to have moments like this captured on the other hand? i’m always behind the camera and have very few of me and my guys.

  5. Lioness

    Love this little one and her big ol’ forehead- I think she is sooo cute!


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