Gwen Is About To Pop !

Gwen Is About To Pop !

Source : Bauer-Griffin

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  • Nicole

    Kingston is so cute, but I hate Gwen’s hair like that.

  • Rinoa

    Yeah that hair looks like old school Gwen to me, from back in the mid-90’s. But she does look ready to give birth any day now.

  • tess

    I don´t like her hair too.

  • Tatum

    She’s huge! I’m sure she doesn’t feel like like blowing out her hair at this point. She’s super cute, though. My fave. by far.

  • Bluezy

    Her hair does look ridiculous. I understand if she doesn’t want to do it…but you’d think she could just put it in a ponytail or single bun or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks like more work that way. A ponytail or a headband would have been much easier, plus looked a lot better.

  • Jx2

    What’s with the meatballs on her head? Can you say: “stupid hairstyle?!” No offense to those people that adore Gwen but I just can’t stand her at all!

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