Hey Big Spender !

Hey Big Spender !

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  • Sandra

    Jeez, Katie, your kid needs a hair cut and you need to grow yours OUT!

    I have no suggestions for Tom.

  • Thali

    Gosh, Suri looks like Björk!

  • Rinoa

    If she wants to grow Suri’s bangs out then fine but at least clip them back or something. Poor kid!! And I totally agree that Katie needs to grow her hair.

  • meme

    Well, I have a two year old and if they don’t want to wear a clip in their hair, there is no way on earth that clip is staying there!

  • Natalie

    I lovely Suri’s hair long…she looks so grow up its sweet. But i agree she need her fringe (her bangs) cutting. Katie looks very old with that hair style…the frown doesn’t help!

  • natsu

    gosh. katie looks SO old and tired in this picture.

  • Sophie

    She’s adorable, it’s amazing how fast she’s grown up. I don’t know why but I think she looks a lot older than Shiloh considering they were born just a month apart.

  • Mina

    Haha, Katie’s hair style looks quite like that of Germany’s Federal Chancellor. 😀 And frowning like that, she even almost looks as old as her. 😉

  • neve

    who cares about her hair…..is that a $100$ dollar bill she’s playing with???

  • Cee

    Oh my gosh she doesn’t have her bottle.

  • Abby

    Why would you give a child $100. Well I guess they have that kind of money that if she losed it no big deal.

  • amanda

    that’s a play dollar ppl.

  • Brittany

    I think Suri looks like Camille Belle

  • http://www.suricruiseitalia.altervista.org Suri Cruie Italia

    the money is clearly fake!
    one side is totally white..

    somne know the brand of suri dress?

    on my site there are more pics of suri with her parents and aconnor for the 4th july.

  • Anonymous

    @ Sophie – Yeah, i agree. It may well be that Suri is dressed a lot older. Shiloh has chubby ‘baby’ cheeks still which no doubt makes her appear a little younger. x

  • Nicole

    Suri always look way older than her age, it’s the way they dress her. Suri has never worn “baby” clothes – it’s usually dresses and things like that.

  • tess

    #Suri Cruie Italia – I saw the pics in your site. Suri is really cute. the whole family is cute, they look so happy. thanks

  • Lioness

    Thali, great observation- Suri does look like Björk with her bangs long like that! Björk is beautiful and so is Suri- I think the long bangs look really cute- though yes, it might annoy her. Looks like Kate might be trying to grow the bangs out, which I think would look great. And Kate has looked older than she claims she is since she’s been with Tom, in my opinion, so I’m not sure why any of you are surprised, lol…

  • http://www.suricruiseitalia.altervista.org Suri Cruie Italia

    #tess, i’m so happy you like the pics…

  • neve

    gotcha- definitely fake money! (i had only looked at the close up pic)

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