Marcia & The Twins Keep Cool!

Marcia & The Twins Keep Cool!

Actress Marcia Cross enjoyed splashing around in the water fountains with her 16-month-old twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, at a local park yesterday. The girls are getting so big – look at Savannah’s curls!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. tess

    They are sooo sweet and really cute.
    I love see Marcia with them, they look soo happy together.

  2. Bluezy

    I think it’s kind of funny that the on little girl is wearing a Christmas outfit…in July. I bought those same pants for my daughter at Target and I don’t know where the shirt is from but it’s Christmas too!

  3. Lioness

    These girls always look so happy…

  4. Kate

    sigh. im totally jealous of the rich and able. Id love to spend every day bringing my daugther somewhere fun


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