Ashlee Simpson Goes Shopping

Ashlee Simpson Goes Shopping

Ashlee Simpson shows her growing belly bump on Saturday as she goes shopping with a friend to Kit Kraft Hobby Shop and Blockbuster Video to check out some movies.

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  1. Hannah

    It’s such a shame that someone as beautiful as Ashlee would choose that haircolor. It’s horrible! It looks so unnatural and does nothing for her. Cute dress though ;-)

  2. Julie

    Hannah : I totally agree with you! And I’d even add that the no-bra thing really begins to bother me…

  3. Anonymous

    ug! cut that scragly hair!! and go back to blonde!

  4. Sandra

    Cut the hair, change the color and LOSE the stupid headband that she wears on her forehead….it looks ridiculous. What is she thinking?

  5. Irishgirl

    She is the image of her mother. Yeah that hair colour needs to go. She should go back to blonde.

  6. Rachel

    The color is obviously unnatural. But now it is starting to look unhealthy too. Both Simpson girls for that matter…major time for a change in that family!

  7. Theresa

    I completely agree…horrid hair colour…and absolutely ridiculous looking with the headband…as for the dresses…yeah I know she is pregnant and wants comfort…but geez…wear a bra and something a little less low cut…we are all aware pregnancy = bigger boobs…not all of us however feel the need to show the world!

  8. Anonymous

    Is she balding?


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