Alex James: “We’re Having A Girl!”

Former Blur bassist Alex James talked to OK! Magazine about family life and living on a farm in the Cotswolds, UK. Alex, 39, lives with his wife Claire and their three sons: Geronimo, four, and two-year-old twins Artemis (curlier hair) and Galileo. The couple are currently expecting their fourth child.

On knowing the sex:

Alex: “We’re having a girl! We pretended not to be really excited about the news that we were having a girl, but we secretly were!”

On the possibility of another pair of twins:

Claire: “We braced ourselves for another set of twins. But after the first scan we worked out quite quickly that it was just one. The twins have really been a lot of effort and work because they were premature. They’re double the trouble but they entertain each other as well.”

On considering a more simple name:

Alex: “I don’t know, I think you’ve got to have a look at them before you know what they’re called. We quite like Sophie, although I don’t think we’ll get that past the board of censors – especially Geronimo. There’s a shortlist. I quite like Boudica.”

On drinking his wife’s breast milk:

Alex: “When the twins were born it was very traumatic as we didn’t know whether they were going to make it as they were so premature. So after we finally got them home, Claire had a night out with friends and got totally wasted. We had this particularly fearsome maternity nurse who told us Claire’s milk was condemned. I thought, we can’t throw that away, so I tried it – I had some on my cornflakes as well!”

Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 631 – July 15th 2008 – Pg 98-105

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  • darcy

    no idea who he is but those little boys are so cute! esp the one with the glasses!

  • christie

    funny about the breast milk thing!! fun boys names too!!

  • Queen of the LaLa Land

    Such a happy looking family. Cute boys. :)
    Love the kids names!

  • Abby

    Wow intresting kids names. The boys are adorable though!

  • Claudius

    So, they are basically Gerry, Arty and Leo to keep it simple, hehe. I love their names, I wish we could have such names more and more.

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