Jennifer Lopez Says Max & Emme Only Wear An Outfit Once

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly revealed that her five-month-old twins, Max and Emme, never wear the same outfit twice. A source told the Mirror,

“Jennifer was approached by a charity and asked to donate some dresses for a celebrity auction. She agreed and donated a gorgeous £5,000 frock. She also offered some of Max and Emme’s clothes, telling organisers that she never lets them ‘repeat’ outfits. But the auction deals only in adult clothes. Jennifer told them it was a shame, as some items cost over Û1,000 (£500 / 795.40 USD) each.”

Source: Mirror

Photo: Bauer-Griffin June 19, 2008

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  • Hannah

    Nice to see that she’s not throwing her money away. :-\

  • Lala

    Thats disgusting. Really. I can’t believe she would even admit that.

  • Sany

    We have to stop paying so much attention to these people. If they saw you on the street, they would walk right by you. Yet, we buy their tickets, posters, books, we make them rich, so they can let their kids wear an outfit once. They have nothing better to do with their money. She should come to the inner city of New Haven Connecticut and give some of Emme and Max’s outfits to the kids that never had a new pair of shoes. She should be ashamed to even admit it.

  • nosoupforyou

    Beyond disgusting. What a wasteful and vain woman.

  • Abby

    Thats unbelievable. There are kids in the world that only have one outfit. Talk about a waste of money. Maybe she should give more money to charity instead of buying 365 outfits a year for her twins.

  • Abby

    actually it would be 365×2 outfits a year. For a second i forgot she had twins.

  • Rinoa

    I hope that this is just a made up story. If it’s true, then it truly is disgusting.

  • christie

    ugh, that’s shameful!!! who care if they are both worth millions!!! if this story is true, they are disgusting!!

  • janie

    She is disgusting! I cannot even believe that she is admitting this. She is very selfish. Don’t like her at all!

  • Aimee

    Jennifer Lopez is obnoxious. Only a very self-centered and spoiled person would even admit this. Shame on her!

  • V

    what a CUN*

  • Monica

    Can’t stand this selfish witch!!

  • Bee

    Cant stand her!! She obviously forgot that she is Jenny from the Block :\

  • Peta

    Man, I hope this is a lie. Not that I like JLo or anything, but it would be a bigger waste of money than that $100,000(?) birthday blow-out for Suri. If it is indeed the truth, someone ought to tell her to donate the clothes to Goodwill. Some mothers who can’t afford more than a pair of onesies for their babies would welcome them.

  • d

    love these celebs who are all about giving to charity, only after they’ve spent obscene & disgusting amounts of money on themselves and children. Like the kids are gonna know if they’ve worn the same outfit twice?? This woman has her priorities so far out of whack…no wonder she can’t even keep an nanny!! She needs to go back to the Bronx for a while so her head deflates.

  • Anonymous

    if this is true, it make me dislike her even more. talent
    -less hag.

  • dea

    What this woman needs is to buy some class. Disgusting is an understatement. Greed’n’tacky should be these couple’s middle name!

  • Meg

    Wow. I never liked JLo for this reason! She seems so crazy and money-obsessed! There is no way those kids will grow up “normal” if they never repeat an outfit! Imagine what else she will teach them!

    That said, I think calling her a “c–t” is pretty disgusting too. Maybe that’s okay in some places, but where I’m from, that’s a pretty RUDE, disgusting word.

  • Amanda

    I thinks it is terrible of her to be soo selfish and just plain self centered!!!why waste the money on an outfit if your kid only wears it once,she seriously needs to get a clue and stop being so vain!!!

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