Jennifer & Violet Out & About In Beverly Hills

Jennifer & Violet Out & About In Beverly Hills

Jennifer Garner takes 2 year-old Violet for some painting fun at the ‘Color Me Mine’ store in Beverly Hills, California on Monday. Jen’s loose-fitting shirt might be hiding something?? What do you think?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. me

    Violet is soooooooooo cute! def the cutest kid in hollywood :)
    and Jenny is so pregnant woohoo :P

  2. Rosy J

    I totally agree with you me.

  3. Rosy J

    Oh and I forgot to say I love Jen’s top. It looks so cool. Violet is the brightest kid and she is a living doll.

  4. Whitney

    I’d say the way she is carrying Violet is indicative of a pregnancy. I’m currently pregnant and also have a two and half year old who wants to be carried often and this is exactly how I carry him. Unless you support the kid’s leg over your stomach (as seen in the picture above), carrying them with a leg compressing an ever-expanding belly can be quite uncomfortable.

  5. Janie

    I live in Boston where Ben is from and it has already been confirmed in the Boston Herald newspaper that she is pregnant!

  6. @ Janie – We’re sure she’s pregnant too –

    But The Boston Herald is using the National Enquirer as their source. It hasn’t been confirmed by a rep .


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