Jennifer, Violet & Confirmed Baby Bump

Jennifer, Violet & Confirmed Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner and her 2-year-old daughter Violet were spotted playing at a friends house in Los Angeles. As we just reported, it’s been confirmed that Jennifer is 5 months along into her second pregnancy.

Photos: Flynet

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    It looks like she is wearing one of those fake pregnancy pads
    Wonder why ..

  • Rosy J

    In this pics Jennifer’s pregnancy is definitely showing. She may indeed may be 5 months along. Come on Lisa, she does not look like she is wearing a fake pad. lol


    Take a look at the picture of her bending over… that is the top
    of a pregnancy pad..because if you look at the other pictures you
    will see that she is not that big..

  • Diva

    Looks like a flesh colored bra and her tummy to me, no conspiracy theory “fake pregnancy pad”.

    But what do I know, I don’t know people who go around wearing fake pregnancy pads for the paparazzi.

  • Janet

    Lisa Smith

    Are you for real??!!! That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. You need to be banned from posting comments, you are not a stable person at all, you’re mental state of health should really be examined. Pathetic.

  • Keira

    Who are these nut bags who say these celebrity pregnancies are fake? I don’t think I’ve heard anything so ridiculous. When Jennifer takes her baby home in four months are you going to say the baby is fake too?

  • Peta


  • Bev

    I still don’t think she is 5 months….with this being her second baby she would be showing a lot more at 5 months. At least in my experience. Im betting she is 15 weeks or so. Im thin and I was showing way more than this at 5 months. Course..I could be wrong, but I still say she isn’t that far along.

  • Carolyn

    Definitely a pregnancy pad… :p

    She looks great! And Violet is so big now, she’s SO cute!

  • k

    I am five months pregnant with my 4th!! And I am around the same size. so I would say 5 months is about right.

  • Rinoa

    She looks around five months pregnant to me!

  • Audrey

    It’s a beige bra!


    Ok it is a beige bra… so I was wrong .. you should be banned from saying such a remark.. Jane.. why not ban all your comments
    from now on.. they are rude and offend …. so why not you..

    To tell someone that they are unstable and they should be banned is rude…It was just a theory.. And there was no
    conspiracy theory..Just curious..

  • Bev

    She COULD be 5 months, but….don’t people show more with their second baby?? She isn’t showing that much to me.


    @ Lisa – you’ve been warned more than once….your CAPS have got to go. It’s seen as yelling and is very annoying to our viewers.


    Can you tell me why capitals are considered “screaming” but making a comment about jen is considered unstable.. “screaming
    capitals ” what the heck is that…capitals can’t scream.. Explain what screaming is?” Is it yelling because that is what screaming

  • G

    Ok, this might be big mistake but I still say this once.

    I don’t really know why caps are considered screaming/yelling/shouting but they are. And part of netiquette is that you avoid usin them. You can read it i.e. from here:

    They clearly state that: “Another rule is to avoid typing in ALL CAPS, which is considered shouting or yelling. ” You wouldn’t shout all the time in real life, would you.

  • andrea

    I haven’t ever commented here, but I enjoy this site….fun to see the famous peoples kids?!

    I love Jennifer Garner, she’s so real. I feel really bad thought that the paparazzi caught this view of her, and that it is being published at all…really, who would want a down the shirt picture of themselves ever, and then to have it “flashed” (pun intended) all over the net? Dang!

  • Rosy J

    There was some talk that Nicole Kidman was faking a pregnancy and might be wearing a pregnancy pad. That sounds ridiculous to begin with. Why on earth would anybody do that? It makes no sense. That thought never occurred to me. My sister did not show her baby bump until her sixth month. She had a six pound baby (few weeks premature) and wore her pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. Go figure. Every body is different.

  • Shop Little Gifts

    can’t believe she is 5 months along. she doesn’t look as glowing as her last pregnancy. infact, i’ve noticed in the past few months her face is getting slimmer – not as full and radiant as before. wonder why.

  • Cee

    Umm…..Why are we looking down this ladies shirt???

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