John Barrowman Planning New Addition To Family

“Scott went to the orphanage as part of the work we do with a charity called Camp Kids. He phoned me from there to say I was banned from going — because he knew I’d come back with at least four or five kids! Madonna’s got nothing on me, I’d have them all over me as I got on the plane!”

But he hasn’t ruled out using a surrogate mom,

“We’ve talked about it. I’d like to have one of my own — I think we could definitely have a little Captain Jack running around one day!”

He also added,

“There’s no way I’d leave it to a nanny, so I guess I’d have to settle down a bit.”

Source: The Sun

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  1. Jailynn

    OMG…he kinda looks like a younger Tom Cruise!!!!!Top Gun days!

  2. Cassie

    John is a million times better actor the Tom and better looking to

  3. Michelle

    He reminds me more of Ray Romano in this pic (Everybody Loves Raymond).

  4. Gee

    Cassie, you’re absolutely right! I love John
    He was hilarious on buzzcocks !!


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