Bindi Irwin Celebrates 10th Birthday

“You’re all so nice for coming out on a very rainy day,” she said.

“If there’s one thing I really want for my birthday, that is for the mining company not to mine my daddy’s reserve.”


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  • Bianca

    It’s amazing – you almost can’t see Terri’s lips moves when Bindi speaks! This just makes me sick – Terri Irwin needs to be called to task for pushing her own political agenda through Bindi. She is working too hard for a 10 yr old – any statement Bindi ever makes to the press is always so rehearsed or seeks to propel their empire further along. It is so sad to see a 10 year old girl’s birthday party turned into a publicity stunt. Nice touch having her snuff out the candles over her Daddy’s face plastered on the birthday cake… not! My prediction (and hope) for Bindi’s future: legal emancipation from Terri once she’s a teenager and to find a nice quiet spot in the world away from the spotlight where she can be free to be herself.

  • Anonymous

    i feel for this kid. i think her mother sucks..and if left alone, the kid could actually do her dad’s work. go away terri, let your dtr be a child. yeah, that’s right, a child. not your publicity whore.

  • Amanda

    ok what the heck?Binid has always been like this since she was born,her mother isn’t “forcing” her to do anything and isn’t speaking of her,Binid writes her own things so leave Terri alone she lost her best friend,husband and the world a great icon.

  • Amanda

    oopps I mean she isn’t speaking for her not of her.

  • Kate

    this kid has always been like her father. Wellspoken and not afraid of the limelight

  • Moe

    I wonder who Bindi looks like, She dosn’t look liker her mom or dad ..

  • Nicole

    ^^ She looks exactly like her father, Moe.

  • Tasmin Wiley

    Im sorry but i disagree with u all Terri isdoin a wounderful job as a mum and Bindi is doin just fine is well. Terri isnt pushing Bindi to hard and she does not speak for her either. Bindi is a mature 10 yr old and loves her family very much. CROCS RULE!

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